Rest-Q GS™

Medical Mattresses, Medical Mattress, Comfortex MattressesThe Rest-Q GS provides a safe, comfortable and therapeutic surface for the heavier patient without being too supportive for the average to light patient.

  1. Comfortex’s Vapor Proof, shear reducing top cover is the nation’s most durable fabric in healthcare today. Other fabrics tend to fade, crack and can lead to core contamination.
  2. Highly resilient top cushion conforms and responds to body contours and bony prominences. Provides long-lasting and much appreciated comfort.
  3. A second layer of slightly more supportive HR material is joined with the upper-most layer. This dual layer design enhances the comfort and pressure redistribution across the entire mattress for light and heavier framed patients.
  4. Two zones of highly resilient, highly supportive material rest beneath the top layers to support the back, shoulders and hips. The lateral support design supports the body weight, off-loading the more pressure sensitive areas along the spine into the mattresses’ soft centerline. When side-lying, the trochanter will rest bridged over this soft strip. Comfortable support is provided to the degrees required and appreciated by the patients across the broad spectrum of weights and resting positions.
  5. A very soft strip of HR foam gently absorbs the most pressure sensitive points along the spine and sacral area.
  6. Firm Base Layer ensures that the heaviest of patients remain supported with cushioning material and will not bottom-out.
  7. Rather than slope the lower legs downward, which could produce swelling, the heels rest into the dual-density top foam of our Descending Diamond Heel Suspension System. The boney prominences of the heels are absorbed, while keeping the lower legs supported along the horizon of the mattress. Very comfortable… very effective.
  8. Ultra Firm Perimeter Support facilitates safer, more secure transfers and prevents edge-of-bed collapse and side rail entrapment. Optional raised perimeter edging helps steer the patient away from the edge of the bed.

Rest-Q GS™ by Comfortex

$2700 Foam-Gel Mattress

Medical Mattresses, Medical Mattress, Comfortex Mattresses, Mattress Performance Chart Medical Mattresses, Medical Mattress, Comfortex Mattresses, Gel Mattress Performance Chart
  The Rest-Q GS™ and the $2700 mattress both performed well for the lighter and mid-size persons. It was when the heavier person raised the HOB that the Rest-Q GS™ outperformed the other mattress… with Gentle Strength.