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Comfortex was founded knowing that we would be competing in an industry of huge corporations. Our success, our very survival, would be tied directly to the value we would bring to our customers.

Thanks to our customers, we have survived, grown and are now a leading manufacturer of pressure redistribution mattresses & injury prevention designs.

An American Manufacturer

After 25 years in business and having placed hundreds of thousands of surfaces, Comfortex knows its best sales tool is a satisfied customer. Our Representatives are committed to staying in touch to provide information, ensure benefits are experienced and that service & responsiveness exceed your expectations.

Comfortex has served healthcare for more than 25-years and introduced many of the innovations now used by our much larger competitors. We’ve declined to outsource production to China or Mexico to maintain America’s manufacturing integrity. Our production teams pay the taxes which support our healthcare system and operate with full knowledge that the surfaces we produce touch neighbors, friends, and family.