Rest-Q™ and Rest-Q™ SE Mattress

Pressure Redistribution (Stages 1-4) & Injury Prevention Our Rest-Q mattress provides specialty bed pressure redistribution for just pennies per day.

  1. Vapor Proof –Shear Reducing Top Cover is the Nation’s most durable fabric used in healthcare. Other fabrics tend to fade, crack and can lead to core contamination.
  2. Highly Resilient Top Cushion conforms and responds to body contours and bony prominences. Provides long-lasting and much appreciated comfort.
  3. Upper Torso Support rests beneath the top layer to support the back & shoulders.
  4. Pressure Redistribution Centerline allows the patient’s most pressure sensitive areas along the spine & sacral areas to be gently suspended between the supportive layers.
  5. Extra Support is focused beneath the hips providing the right blend of comfort & support where the majority of weight is concentrated.
  6. Firm Base Layer ensures that heavier patients remain supported without bottoming-out.
  7. Heel Suspension System supports the lower legs along the horizon of the mattress, while allowing sensitive heels to float, virtually suspended.
  8. Ultra-Firm Perimeter Support facilitates safer, more secure transfers and prevents edge-of-bed collapse and side rail entrapment.


Pressure Redistribution Mattress, Pressure Relief Mattress

Rest-Q™ SE Mattress

Pressure Redistribution Plus Fall And Side-Rail Entrapment Prevention

Adding Secure Edging ( SE ) further enhances the Rest-Q’s contribution towards patient protection. Secure Edging extends the firm perimeter material above the horizon of the sleep surface to direct patients away from the edge of the bed and a potential injury. The mattress provides patients with a supported central exit area to facilitate safe & easy transfers.

Pressure Redistribution Mattress, Pressure Relief Mattress, Safety Edging Included

Wound Treatment… Pressure Sore Prevention, Support and Comfort

World class excellence supported by years of documented performance.

Treatment Capabilities (Independent Studies) 30 patients with pressure wounds were taken from more costly Group II surfaces and moved to the non-mechanical Rest-Q® mattress. Nearly 80% of those wounds improved or healed. Pressure Redistribution Mattress, Pressure Relief Mattress, Mattress Use Chart
Pressure testing illustrates the Rest-Q’s potential The Rest-Q has been compared in Pressure Tests against Low Air Loss, Gel and Atmospheric air chamber mattresses.
(Test results are available upon request.)
Pressure Redistribution Mattress, Pressure Relief Mattress, Mattress Comparison

Last, but never least…Comfort

Pain Reduction & Comfort

A German Institute of Health pain study compared the Comfortex Rest-Q® mattress and the Tempur® Memory Foam mattress to the standard mattress with 80 patients suffering chronic pain.

  • Awoke as a result of pain: reduced by 52% on the Rest-Q, 21% on the Tempur mattress.
  • Call lights reduced by 43% on the Rest-Q, 18 % on the Tempur mattress.
  • Pain medications were 24% less on the Rest-Q and no reduction noted on the Tempur mattress.

Pressure Redistribution Mattress, Pressure Relief Mattress, Mattress Comfort Table