Huntington’s Care

The Oasis® provides a unique system of a pressure relieving Rest-GS mattress and protective perimeter cushions, which aid in the care and protection of people with neurological challenges, such as Huntington’s Disease.

Comfort & Protection

The Oasis has a non-mechanical mattress, impact absorbing head and foot boards and side of the bed bolsters. Linked together this mattress and bolster system provides a safer environment for the patient to rest… and for care to be provided.

The side bolsters taper outward and up, to provide the patients and their families with a far less confining space and perspective.


The Oasis’s Rest-Q GS mattress provides world class pressure redistribution and therapeutic support. Each patient-contact surface is covered with our water & vapor proof, low shear nylon, to protect the patient’s skin from abrasions.  

For more information please contact Comfortex at 1-800-445-4007.