Response™ Stretcher Cushions

Whether a short trip from room to radiology, or a pre-op, post-op marathon, the stretcher cushion has a huge impact on your patient’s healthcare experience.

Stretcher Cushions, Stretcher Cushion, Medical Cushions

Shear Reducing Stratos™ nylon top covers are healthcares’ most durable barrier against fluid penetration. No Cracks, No Splits… No Duct Tape.

Bottom cover is a black Lectrolite™ vinyl which is x-ray permeable, no cross-hatching.

High Resiliency Comfort to gently absorb body contours and respond to patient movements. (Memory foam cushions are unresponsive as they must remold with every move the patient makes.)

Embedded CPR Boards are undetected by the patient or by x-rays. A cardiac arrest can occur anywhere, anytime…this cushion responds.

Replaceable covers, heavy duty zippers and meticulous craftsmanship by Comfortex, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of pressure reducing surfaces.

Stretcher Cushions, Stretcher Cushion, Medical Cushions, Cushion Performance

Clinical Performance

When compared to conventional pads, the Response™ Cushion better conforms to the patient’s shape, weight and movements for better pressure redistribution and greater comfort.

With our Response Stretcher Cushion we have blended our most durable shear reducing fabric, sewn in a loose, billowy fashion and HR “High Resiliency” core materials to produce a cushion that supports the body and comfortably cushions sensitive areas.

Computerized Pressure Imaging illustrates how the Response Cushion reduces interface pressure at the areas most problematic. Even when on the cushion short-term, these reductions in localized pressure will help to prevent the discomfort and anxiety patients can experience.