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Healthcare Mattresses… Made Easy.

Comfortex recognizes that the success we experience will be in direct proportion to the benefits we provide our customers. Each design, each service and each action is guided by our mission to contribute to the quality of life for the patient, complement the efforts of the healthcare professional and enhance the financial strength of our customers.

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FSS/GSA Contract # 36F79722D0184

in a Nutshell

Non-mechanical Mattresses.
Better Outcomes…Lower Costs

Rest-Q Mattresses.
Evidenced Based Outcomes

Rest-Q’s Compliment Care.
Helping You…Help Others

With Comfortex Hospital Mattresses…

Patients, Nurses, Environmental Services
and Infection Control…

Can all sleep like a Baby.

Infection Control Protection.
Impervious vs. Breathable

Contaminated Mattresses.
Uncovering… A Cover Problem

Comfortex Mattresses.
Care & Cleaning

Bedside Fall Mats…
Little Differences Make a Big Difference

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